No one fights about the private sector

Governments make mistakes. They always did and they always will do. The resent years were even worse! They are not the only ones to blame though…

Cyprus came to a deadlock two weeks ago, and whatever the decision the important part is the aftermath. Which would be more or less the same whatever the path. The recession barged in without too much warning.  What are we doing about it?  The unions get fired up to protect government and semi-government employees from any salary or benefit reductions. The bank union fights to keep all the banker jobs and the government and generally all the political parties try to make promises and start fires about how all the “privileged” groups should not be a part of this bail-out which turned out to be the biggest bail-in in history!

Drastic measures are taken to save jobs in the public sector where as no one worries about the butchery in the private sector. More than 50 people in my wider circle have lost their jobs in the past two weeks, and i watch the news everyday only to hear politicians promising no job losses fr the government employees.

The funny thing is that all of us in the private sector are suffering the measures our employers have applied for more than 2 years now and yet no one fights for us. Are we the second class citizens who will sacrifice our selves for the benefit of the elite in the government?

Believe me, I work at a subsidiary company of a semi government telecommunications authority. I am indeed in the private sector but I follow very closely what goes on in the parent company. Although everyone believes I am one of them, the elite, I mean, I wish I was. I work everyday to complete tasks that people working for the parent company are not able to do, and at the same time they get paid 3 times my salary and know less than one third of what I know.

The point I want to emphasise is that it is our fault because we did and do not rise to claim justice in this country. We do not claim our rights because we either believe that it will not matter or we just go home and wait for the next day taming our anger to an inert state of supposed relaxation.