Hardware I currently use

Smartphone – LG G2

I got this in December 2013. I must honestly say its the best phone I got my hands on since the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The best thing about it is the battery Life. Lasting almost 3 days with normal usage. It a totally new experience leaving home with 35% battery and knowing you are going to last all day.

Camera is crystal clear and video is amazing. The image stabilisation really works.

The only negative thing about it is that the KitKat software upgrade is running for 24 hours now and still nothing. I get a “server problem error” and when it is actually downloading it is slower than death.

Laptop – HP envy

Processor: Intel Cor i7-4700MQ running at 2.40GHz

Memory: 12GB

17 inch full hd screen and essentially a Mac Book Pro Aluminium body design. So you get the supposed Apple nice design with all the freedom of a laptop PC.

I am running windows 8.1 and I am very satisfied with this machine battery lasts 3 hours running at full power. ( I run a VM and develop using php storm.)  At battery saving mode it goes up to 5.

Car – Golf MKV GTtsi 2007

I always made fun of this car as it is just the baby brother of the GTi and they are essentially the same price. Then I got back from my studies and had to work in Nicosia ( I live in Larnaka) and drive 2000km per motnth only for work. So I wanted something around 15,000 euro with low consumption and at least 150bhp. So I found a used Golf  MKV GTtsi with less than 20,000km and at exactly my budget limit. I was so frustrated of looking at cars I could not afford to buy or maintain (petrolwise) so i decided to go with the golf and get done with it. I did not regret it one bit. I cant even find another car to replace it except from the diesel version one. It handles great and the power delivery although a bit sluggish at low rpm is right where you want it at higher revs.


More to come soon