I am a computing graduate from Imperial College London and I am working at a Web application – oriented Company in Nicosia. I also run a few projects on the side that I am not supposed to talk about since I only have one job! Yes I am a loyal employee and I would never keep secrets from my employer especially if they are in the area that my work is about! I code on the usual php mysql jquery prototype html5 mambo jumbo and of course I try to keep up with the amazing technologies released day by day! Keep up is a very generous word since there are some people out there who take shit to the next level before I even read the first article on it!
Yes I am a tech-stuff kind of guy, a petrol-head, a D.I.Y Junkie, and an excellent chef! Oh yeah! Motha fuckaaaaaaaaa!

Update: 2013 October

I joined the Ideas2Life team as CTO. We are now focusing on an online services marketplace… Imagine any service you want from a gardener, programmer, even a lawyer or electrician. You can post your job and receive offers from professionals right away. You can then go ahead and compare the professionals you would like to work with based on score and feedback posted by previous customers.