Some things to see

A brief overview of my web developer timeline:

My first full website as a freelancer, Matheou Crane Hire with sudo cms (no db server text files for storage and lots of bugs / 90s design patterns).

After working for some time and gaining plenty of experience I began doing self projects with my web development mentor Mr Ktorides himself on behalf of BrainVial services Limited

Amongst many others some of the projects i was involved in are:

Activecyprus,com a portal to Cyprus living ( a bar,club,restaurant,cafe,venue listing site with reviews and votes which caught up a descent amount of traffic and is now self maintainable) a webapp with community contributed facebook cover images with a nice interface to preview and change your facebook cover. a casual press blog for Cyprus.

The lean startup path that appeared out of no-where:

For almost six months  now I joined  what is probably the only true startup in Cyprus. Basically we drive this project as Ideas2Life where I am the CTO. We follow the lean startup method as a religion. We experiment and adapt constantly following simple methodologies and values which is what we are all about. We are a great team with unlimited potential.


More coming soon


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