What’s wrong with dreaming?

Cyprus! What ever idea you may have there is always someone who will come and say:

This will not work in Cyprus.

I am fed up with this mentality we have. Actually somebody planted this in our head since we were kids! Study to pass exams and get good grades so that you can get a good job! GOOD JOB? In what context? Who and what defines good? Is it money? Personal satisfaction? which could definitely triggered by money. What about happiness? Going to work and just being happy. And why call it a job?

Even the word job  sounds like something you would hate. Although quite cliché, my motto is:

Find a job you like so that you never have to work again.

I was just sitting with some friends at home and we were discussing about the stuff we want to do and why we cant do them! We are actually not willing to take the risks. We have been bubbling about it for the past 4 hours. I thought about it over a cigarette in the bone cutting cold outside (because we quit smoking inside the house due to the recent addition in the flatmate list), and after reading between the lines it occurred to me that although we were all patronising each other about the risks and dangers, we were all just saying to ourselves:

Come on MOTHA FUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Just take the risk and give your dreams a freaking chance!

Excellent Bosses

Horrible Bosses scene

In a time of the so called economic crisis keeping one’s job is an everyday burden! And of course most Managers/bosses/ do not even try to lighten you up. So you could be facing a situation where you would like to kill your boss, just  like Jason Bateman, who is being bullied old school style from Kevin Spacey in Horrble Bosses!

Horrible Bosses scene
Ok I am in no way in a situation like Mr Bateman but I have just signed a form which states the following…

  • Last week I worked an hour less
  • …..so a day from my annual leave has been deducted….
  • ….the remaining hours of that day will be available for me to use if I fail to complete the weekly working hours.
  • this will only happen if I am missing more than 3 hours of work…
  • If I am only 3 hours short then I will have to make up for them next week…
  • Oh and common Logic is not so common afterall
Reading this probably dazed you out completely, but don’t worry because it doesn’t matter!

WANdisco –  an active member of the community that develops the world’s most popular Source Code Management product, Subversion –  have announced an UNLIMITED Vacation policy for there employees! And I am stressing out on a single day! As they say…


“We are lucky to be in a position where we can trust our employees to judge for themselves how much vacation time they need to remain productive, and continue contributing to WANdisco’s success,” says Ian Wild, Director of Engineering at WANdisco. “We want to thank our employees, for being such an awesome team!”


No comment! More on the WanDisco blog .